Scaling Your Business With The Outside Eyes of a Coach

Looking Back

… the fastest growth I experienced in my business was when I worked with a coach.

Although the business was viable, all the things on my plate every day, were wearing me down. I had a great team but somehow they were fully reliant on my guidance every single day. Until a coach who I hired, flagged to me that empowering the team would do miracles. And he explained why and how to do that efficiently. As I could use his experience instead of finding this out all by myself, that process was easier than I thought and fairly fast.

Create More Value

Very motivated and focused we worked hard towards the point that they gradually could start to own important processes of the business and allow me to spend more time to talk to new customers, find new exciting products to add to our portfolio of multimedia and consumer electronics … create more value instead of managing them.

As said fairly quickly the team started to own and execute purchasing, managing the inventory and do all the pick, pack and ship of all sales orders to start with. Day in day out. Did I mention I had a great team? Well it went crescendo from then on and all the steps we took made perfect sense.

It’s Not Your Fault?

For a short while a felt I had failed. Why on earth was I not able to identify what was needed and started the change myself?

Well my coach made me realise it all happened for a very simple reason … often the entrepreneur sits in his little hole and can only see what is in front of him. It’s not your fault even. Nor the fault of the team not having taken initiatives in that area. I would probably not have allowed it anyway 😉
From his perspective and with his experience my coach quickly and simply recognised the situation and knew what had to be done and how. And convinced me to change it.

Don’t Let Your Ego Harm Your Business

Luckily my ego did not stand in the way. Otherwise I would have continued to be stuck for a long long time. And at what costs both financially and personally? The outside perspective and experience were priceless compared to the growth of the business. And my team was even greater now and more fulfilled as a bonus. Could I wish for more? Absolutely not and I felt relieved and super motivated!

Today …

Well the same is happening now with Little Indians – a Kids Fashion Brand from the Netherlands. Only my role has changed over the years … now I am the Coach 😉

Little Indians is in an earlier stage than when I ran my wholesale business, but by working with a coach, the owner Vanessa Erasmus is avoiding many pitfalls and therefore the business will accelerate fast now.

On hitting a predefined milestone Vanessa will start to remove herself slowly from the center of Little Indians to create even more value. And space for the team to further develop and shine! It’s all planned for!

In this week’s edition of Viva, a leading magazine for younger women in The Netherlands, Vanessa tells about our collaboration and being able to think big now as the business is learning step by step to take care of itself.

>>> How has working with a coach helped you push your life or business forward? Would love to hear your story! <<<

Be good!

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